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Our Story

Sparked by a desire to discover a “must-have” product that would encompass fashion and function, along with some of the immediate needs and challenges brought forth by recent health concerns in the year 2020, CoQau was born.

As life seems to get more and more complex, we find ourselves gravitating towards fashion staples that are timeless, versatile, simple, and stylish. We also look to find quick, effective, preventative measures to help reverse the aging process…hoping to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible.  At CoQau, we believe there has been a lack of SMART, fashionable accessory options in the market, and almost none that offer combined health and/or beauty benefits.

Tapping into a combined work experience in the tech, beauty, and fashion industries, we set out to create a distinctive accessory and fashion brand that would meet the discriminating needs of style, health and beauty-conscious consumers.  We drew inspiration from timeless, elegant women who came before us – bringing chic, classic styles from mid-century America into the present, but arming them with new and improved benefits and technology.  At CoQau, we are committed to sourcing anti-aging, antimicrobial, and sustainable fabrics to create timeless and fashionable accessories that help keep you looking and feeling incredible in more ways than one.

 "I believe that all textiles should be smart textiles - and that's why 'Fashion meets Function' at CoQau. You shouldn't have to sacrifice style for common sense."


- Tiffany Quayle, Founder



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