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Absolutely AMAZING !! In love with the Coquette and Casanova, even having my kids wear the mini Casanova to school. The fabric is so soft and comfortable yet chic and stylish. My teens especially appreciate it as they wear it all day at school and it completely prevents breakouts from occurring. The fact that it is antimicrobial is so comforting and makes face covering so much better. And, they are machine washable !! AMAZING products. Highly recommend.
I LOVE this brand! The CoQau “masks” are soft, stylish, antimicrobial (repel germs) and they smell good! The Coquette is a perfect staple to have in my bag (it is a cute lightweight scarf/shawl) but also doubles as a mask. I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it. I also got my husband the Casanova (more of a gaiter style) and it is his favorite go to for a mask that also looks good with business/golf/work out attire. Highly recommend!
My Family and I love CoQau they are machine washable. We love knowing that it's healthier for my family and better for the environment. I can wear it if requested (COVID-19) But I mainly wear it skiing , ATVS , and when we go riding Side by Sides in the Sand Dunes ( pictured here is Casanova - Gaiter) I will be buying many more colors in the future.
I am obsessed with this line- anti-aging, protective clothing that is still so cute? Sign me up. I wear the Coquette scarf while riding in the car to protect my neck and chest. The mini casanova is the cutest on the kids- they love the smell and the feel of the fabric on their skin which makes my life so much easier! I only want to be wearing CoQau on my skin!
Finally! Face coverings that check all the boxes: ✅Look great ✅Feel great ✅Smell great My family wears CoQau products as the stylish accessories that they are but converts them to face coverings when necessary—the hidden elastic ear bands are a game-changer! We don’t travel, go into the office, or go out in the town without them. My children prefer to wear the Mini Casanovas to school over any other face covering option because they are comfortable, functional, smell so nice and are “cool.” The fabric holds up so well in the wash, maintains the aromatherapy and is resistant to wrinkles. Communication from the company is timely and clear, and the orders ship promptly. I don’t have a bad word to say about this brand and the products. Thank you, CoQau!
"I don't always wear masks, but when I do I prefer the Coqau Casanova". I guess that's how The Most Interesting Man in the World would say it. :) But it's true. When getting back to business travel, I was looking for something that was fashionable and easy to breathe in at the airport, in restaurants, and bars. The Casanova fit perfectly, and arrived in two days... Just in time for my last trip to New York. And without having to constantly take it on and off like a mask, I don't lose it or have to throw it away and buy new ones. Well done, Coqau. I'll be ordering a couple more colors soon!
I don't travel for business unless I'm packing my Casanova! When I opened the package, I thought I brought the spa home with me. It's amazing how the aromatherapy infused fabric continues to smell great after washing. When wearing a face covering, its great to at least feel a bit calmer with a relaxing scent and stylish design.
I have purchased both the scarf and gator for myself and a friend, we both love them! They are lightweight, so breathable (they smell great too) and I use them when I travel,, shop and when out in restaurants or crowds. The fact that they are washable and better for the environment is a big plus! would highly recommend!
I am a huge fan of the casanova and the mini-casanova for my two kiddos - They are so comfy and the fact that they are antimicrobial are a huge plus for our family. They smell so good, and are perfect for whenever masks are needed. We especially love them for traveling, school and even on the slopes! The fresh smell is such a nice plus when you have to wear a mask for a long period of time - I highly recommend these fashion forward accessories!
I love, love my lush and comfy Coquette and Casanova from CoQau. They make wearing a mask look sensational, feel uninhibiting, and besides my skin gets the benefit of the antimicrobial fabric. And, it smells nice too. I think I'm going for every color now, as they are a wonderful and necessary accessory these days. And, one more thing, they are easy to clean and wear and wear again!
Both my young daughters take their mask game very seriously and the mini casanova has become one of their very favorite masks to wear. Not only is the fabric so buttery soft and completely breathable, I feel better knowing that the fabric will not cause any breakouts or irritations on their faces after having to wear it most of the day. It's also a bonus that when not covering the face it appears as the most stylish scarf around their necks. The adult version won me over as soon as i read "anti- aging" all in all i highly recommend and Coqau has an option for for everyone!
This is an awesome product. Personally I love the Casanova - Gaiter - I bought a few separate colors. It’s nice and light for our hot AZ summer, fabric is really soft snd won’t irritate my skin! Highly recommend!!
With my little one off to school in a few weeks in NYC, finding something fun, safe and fashionable was an immediate priority. We love the Mini Casanova, easy to wear and functional and most importantly breathable for longer school days! We also love supporting a female owned brand!
CoQau is my favorite saves me from spending a ton of money on disposal masks and environmental friendly since I am not creating more waste with masks. The material is so soft and doesn’t hurt that it has an anti-aging component to it too!!


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