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CoQau Collection in the Press

CoQau Collection in the Press


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New accessory brand, CoQau, unveils the future of smart fabrics combining flirty fashion and style with health benefits

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona (May 17, 2021) Unique Arizona-based fashion brand, CoQau (pronounced koh- koh), is launching exclusively online later this month. Sparked by a desire to discover a “must-have” accessory that would encompass both fashion and function, along with some immediate needs and challenges brought forth by recent health concerns, CoQau was born. Unlike other accessory brands in this space, CoQau’s product offerings utilize smart fabrics that provide health and beauty benefits.

After finding a void in the market, founder Tiffany Quayle set out to create a distinctive fashion brand that would meet the discriminating needs of style, health, and beauty-conscious consumers. Quayle discovered a microencapsulation technology that could be used with fabrics and worked with an LA- based fashion designer to bring her vision to life.

We drew inspiration from the timeless, elegant women who came before us bringing chic, classic styles from mid-century America into the present, and adding the benefits of science and technology,” said Quayle. We were able to source anti-aging, antimicrobial and sustainable fabrics to create timeless, yet innovative, fashion accessories.”

The name CoQau is a playful nod to Quayle’s love of French culture and cuisine but it is also an acronym for the ingredients in CoQau’s proprietary fabrics. This unique “fashion formula” is incorporated into the current product line:

o CoQ10knownforanti-agingbenefits
o Antimicrobial repels germs and bacteria
o Ultra-Fresh infused with therapeutic aromatherapy

CoQau is launching with a core group of gaiters, kerchiefs and scarves that are as stylish as they are functional. Each CoQau product comes in a variety of colors. Additionally, every accessory is unisex, versatile, and doubles as a healthier face covering thanks to its innovative design.

“Since the onset of masks, there's been an increased awareness of facial breakouts, referred to as ‘maskne,’ said Arizona licensed aesthetician Noelani Ganz. “I am seeing more instances of acne and dermatitis on skin that was previously unaffected. It's related to dirty masks and materials that irritate the skin along with the effects of heat and moisture.

CoQau’s products are antimicrobial, repelling germs and bacteria. Additionally, the fabric is super soft, breathable, and lightweight. “I’m excited for my clients to try these alternative face coverings to help keep their skin clear while keeping them safe.Ganz added.

Jenna Hilton, MPAS, PA-C, Co-Founder of Vibrant Vitality Clinic at Vibrant Skin Bar and Anti-Aging Specialist says, “Ubiquinone, or Coenzyme Q10, is a vital antioxidant that becomes depleted in our skin cells as we age. If we can replenish those cells with CoQ10 topically we can repair our damaged cells and support a healthy skin barrier. Additionally, utilizing smart fabrics as a physical sunscreen avoids the irritation that can be caused by many chemical-based sunscreens. Finally, because we are all wearing face coverings more frequently, it is important that they are resistant to the growth of bacteria. I love that CoQau’s fabrics are antimicrobial and anti-aging, but do not disrupt the delicate balance of our own microbiome.

Masks and face coverings are a known way we can all help to slow the spread of COVID-19. “As a physician, I know that masks are important in the fight against COVID-19. Any face covering, even cloth masks, are effective. So, if a stylish cloth mask encourages use, I’m all for it.” says Dr. Wayne Franklin, Co-Director of the Heart Center at Phoenix Children’s and Professor at University of Arizona-College of Medicine-Phoenix.

The iconic CoQau accessories have quickly become popular with top bloggers, celebrities, politicos, athletes, travelers, busy moms, active dads, and kids of all ages! Look for CoQau to drop its exclusive collection in the coming days.

Full details about the brand can be found at and on social media @coqaucollection.

About CoQau

CoQau is a distinctive fashion brand founded in 2020 to meet the discriminating needs of style, health, and beauty-conscious consumers. Fueled by a desire to find an accessory that provides fashion and function, CoQau reimagines iconic classics with smart and sustainable fabric formulations. Anti-Aging, Antimicrobial and Aromatherapy elements are microencapsulated and infused into all of CoQau’s fabrics. This unique "fashion formulacombined with an innovative design means your favorite accessories now have health and beauty benefits!



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